The Grexit

4 06 2012

Are we going to see a domino effect from the Greece exit?

What is the “Grexit”? It’s the inevitable Greece exit out of the Euro zone. Greece should have exited the European Union last year. But the politicians kow-tow to the demands of the EU leaders, its fascist European Central Bank and the mafia IMF. Now Greece is going to be abandoned like an unwanted child. Billions of Euros being shovelled and dumped on Greek banks did not have any effect on the country’s economy. I wonder who are these economics geniuses who think that a debt problem this huge can be solved with more debt.

But it’s a good thing that Greece exits EU. It will have its sovereignty back and the ability to shape & mold its own economic policy, tailored to the aspirations of the Greek people, rather than to the demands of the EU leaders. The most important of all is that Greece will have control over its currency again. M.A Rothschild famously said “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” Very true, especially coming from someone whose lineage is full of currency controllers.

Some might be sceptical that Greece will not and will not be allowed to exit the Euro zone, but evidences show that wealthy individuals, financial institutions & corporations are channelling their money out to safer places. CNBC reported that wealthy savers in Greece & Spain have started to wire transfer their money to safer places such as Geneva, London & Frankfurt, which could lead to “wire-transfer bank run”. Law firms in London are advising honestly to their worrying clients that they should take their investments out of Greece and prepare to take a short term hit. Companies as big as GlaxoSmithKline said that they don’t leave any cash in Greece & most European countries.

But the real question is what will happen when Greece exits the Euro? I first say “Good luck Greece! Enjoy your new freedom!” (and enjoy it responsibly). To the rest of the Europe, the end has just started. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, etc are waiting in line to get the Euro “paper-toilet” money from ECB. Then they will realize that all debts they get from ECB are worthless in order to solve their problems, including the advices on austerity measures.

So then maybe all of the countries mentioned above will exit EU? That depends on whether their leaders are owned by the ECB & IMF. I will not reject altogether a surprise plan (maybe,there’s no evidence to this,but New World Order,remember?) to integrate all countries in the EU as one nation, with one currency. This might be a few years into the future after the exits of a few countries, especially when the countries exited realized that they cannot compete on their own unless they resort to something such as paying min wages like what China is doing (to keep cost down & remain competitive). Pure speculation of mine, but nevertheless something to ponder.

To this very moment, no one has been able to gauge how much the ripple effect the world will get from the Grexit. Looking into a dark hole where you cannot see the bottom is pretty scary. Europe is that bottomless pit now, and no one is willing to jump into it.




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