Chinese agenda?

14 03 2010

In the name of Allah The Most Beneficient, Most Merciful…

The title of this posting is not a racist remark. It’s just a political question from a political enthusiast; Is the never ending story of bickering in MCA is a plan by the BN component to weaken BN position in the next general election so that the ‘DAP led’ Pakatan Rakyat will have the possibility to take over the Federal Government, in which will definitely serve the Chinese agenda of DAP, Gerakan and MCA?

We know that these parties have the same agenda, even though they represent different blocks. MCA in its latest general assembly came up with many resolutions, or more accurate I should say demands, for the Chinese community. But may I ask them first, after the shocks of March 2008 General Election, what have they done to increase the public faith towards them? When DAP clamor about something that hurts the feelings of the Bumiputras, MCA and Gerakan will not say a thing, and vice versa. Like I said, they are in the same pact. Just different teams.

Gerakan and MCA up till now has done nothing to improve the Malaysian Chinese perception of both parties while UMNO was the only trying very hard to improve its approach to the general public.  In a lot of cases, UMNO was the one who took care of the Chinese community. I mean, there is no problem with that, since UMNO leads BN. But if UMNO is the one who do all the walk and talk that MCA and Gerakan should do, isn’t that shows how irrelevant they are in BN? Their bickering is not helpful at all to BN.

And I am attracted to resolution number 5.3, concerning the punishment against Muslim women according to Syariah Law. This is very serious. Why did MCA need to produce that particular resolution? Dear MCA, for your info, we Muslims take the laws of Quran above all the human rights and civil laws. The so called civil laws in this world have been proven for hundreds of years that it cannot contain human uncivilized behavior. Even death does not threaten human nowadays to commit crimes. Isn’t it stupid to practice something again and again when it is proven not effective? Your resolution number 5.2 asked the government to strengthen the multi-religious ties among Malaysians, but your next resolution is unacceptable. It shows that you guys need to learn more about Islam.

Obviously like before, UMNO will play a blind eye to these statements. Just like a father when his son wishes something that he can’t afford to buy. I guess that is what people called as politics.




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