The run away commander: Anwar knew PR will lose in Bagan Pinang

6 10 2009


At this very time, the de facto leader of PR, Anwar Ibrahim is still in the US while his friends in PAS are struggling to have a fight in Bagan Pinang. Can a commander of an army be called a commander when his men are fighting day and night on the battlefied, he is enjoying his time somewhere else? He has not even, at least given his friends some motivation to win. In fact in his blog, up until now, he has not even mention anything about the by-election in Bagan Pinang. The worst thing is, his lower ranked commanders are coward to the highest level because they don’t dare to speak up about his absence.

The end of the campaigning week is approaching fast. PAS so far has failed to attract as many voters as they can in all of their political sermons. It might be the hardest by-election so far for the party campaign locomotive. The engine seems to be out of fuel even before the middle of the week. Is it true that PAS candidate, Zulkefly Mohd Omar was nominated because PAS knew that they don’t have a better candidate and they knew that they are going to lose? If that’s true, I pity Zulkefly.

There are a few signs that which can be considered as the ‘pre-losing conditions’. First, political sermons by PAS and its counterparts are not creating the attention that they desperately needed. Some reports said that (with videos and pictures) only 50 or so people attended Hadi Awang’s talk a couple of nights ago. This is the president of PAS, not some low profile ustaz. Selangor’s MB political secretary’s talk was also almost empty the other night. Second, there are only a few posters that potray the face of the PAS candidate. The posters with his face on it mispelled his name as ‘Zukifli Mohd Nor’ instead of Zulkefly Mohd Omar. Does that mean Zul is an ad hoc candidate? Do Bagan Pinang people want an ad hoc candidate for them?

Thirdly, PR made a huge mistake when they supported the move to bring Chin Peng back to Malaysia. They even made statements which sounds like they are saying ‘the communists are the independence hero'(for the sole purpose of opposing UMNO as the independence movement). Are they implying that all those army who fought with their lives were traitors? No wonder they are so busy complaining that the postal votes process is not transparent. The final sign(so far) is that the de facto leader, the commander in chief, the bridge of ‘hope’ for this country, Anwar Ibrahim is ‘missing'(PAS missed him?) in action. All these are pointing towards one point; losing point.(We can only predict, but only Allah knows best).

Towards the rest of the week we shall see how PAS will react to these pressing signs. Anwar Ibrahim is truly a coward leader, and only cowards are led by cowards.




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