3 10 2009

My last post was on 08/12?Which basically means that I haven’t posted anything for almost 2 months!God I’m a lazy blogger.I don’t know when will the habit of writing frequently will come to me.The last updates were on ISA street demonstration,the death of TBH and PRK DUN Permatang Pasir. My prediction on PRK Permatang Pasir was correct,that if the Malay votes were parted,BN will lose the by-election.It was a 50-50 battle until in turned out to be a battle for BN to clear up their candidate’s name.PAS was pessimistic about winning when Mahfuz said that they might win with only one vote. Hence we can see from here that the cause of losing was from BN(at least in my opinion).

PRK Bagan Pinang

The action is now in Bagan Pinang, Negeri Sembilan. It’s the hometown of the famous Port Dickson. In the terms of election,this means that a lot of postal votes because this is the home and the birthplace of the Malay Royal Army.This time it’s BN’s turn to defend its fort.Tan Sri Isa Samad,the former Menteri Besar was nominated as BN’s candidate. He had issues in the past,but we can’t argue that he also has a lot of political experience under his belt. The opposition will have a lot of story to tell to the voters,but we know that the opposition is also not all sin-less.They also have issues to be cleared up,especially the case of High Chapparal village in Penang and the misuse of state’s fund by DAP ADUN in Selangor.

The crowd turn-out when TPM announced Isa as BN’s candidate was definitely something. All walks of people came and it was not a surprise as Isa was the Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan for 22 years (1982-2004). Teluk Kemang is his hometown and some even said it’s a haunted area for the opposition.

The opposition is claiming that he is a ‘recycle’ candidate, as if BN has no other candidate. He was found somewhat guilty by the BN disciplinary council for money politics, the reason why he was not a candidate in the last general election(suspended for 3 years). He went through his ordeal and I think he should be forgiven. ‘Recycle candidate’ is really not an issue here because if that’s the case, the opposition de facto leader is also a ‘recycle candidate at the lowest value’. We need to remember that Isa was convicted by UMNO’s court,while Anwar Ibrahim was convicted by the High Court under Malaysian civil law. He was convicted of using his power as a TPM at that time, ordering the police special branch to ‘shake up’ two civilians called Umi Hafilda and Azizan Abu Bakar.Remember the famous names?

And I am not surprised he was not in Bagan Pinang joining the opposition leaders on the nomination day. He is still busy with his American and Jewish friends in New York and Washington DC. He had a meeting of an exclusive club called CFR(Council on Foreign Relations). This organization is the think tank body which has influence on the American policymakers. If you care to read and research more, CFR is the zionist-anglo-american organization think tank on the policies to control the world. Further, I think he knows that PAS candidate has no chance to win.

The war in Bagan Pinang has started. We shall see on the evening of Oct 11 the knight who will stand tall above his opposition in Bagan Pinang. If you ask who I expect to win, it’s Isa. Eventhough his horse is quite old and his armour is not as shiny as it used to be, he’s really something in Teluk Kemang.




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