12 08 2009

I’m back in the States. Had a very long and busy summer because of my wedding. But I enjoyed the 3 months back at home. It is amazing how you cherish your home country when you’re abroad.

Too many things to write from the stupid demonstration on ISA, the mysterious death of a DAP’s Exco political secretary, government’s KPI initiaton and the latest (yet again..) the PRK DUN Permatang Pasir in Penang.

ISA Street Demonstration: A clear indication of people without brain

On the day when the street demonstration took place me and my wife just arrived from Penang. Our bus couldn’t stop at the place where it should be its final destination because the road that leads to the place was closed by the police. So the bus stopped at KL Sentral.

My father in law picked us up, but it took him more than an hour from downtown Bangsar to KL Sentral (which is in Bangsar too). I’m sure that thousands of other Klang Valley people shared my anger on that day.

Those that I pity the most are the business owners around Jalan TAR. Their business had to be closed and they experienced losses on the day when they should get the most out of the week (because it’s weekend).

Some stupid advocators of street demonstration said that it is their rights to organized street demonstration. What they didn’t register in their head was that others had the same rights to shop and enjoy their time with family on that day peacefully. The question is, when you only care about your rights, you’ll become..a person who doesn’t care about other people rights. You see what I mean?

The country has benefited from ISA so much since the communists threat era. It has kept the country to this day peaceful and far away from big national threat. We surely don’t want things that happened in Jakarta recently to take place in our beloved country.

The death of Teoh beng Hock: Tragic serial drama by DAP

Condolences to the family of Teoh Beng Hock (TBH). I salute him of the bravery that he had because he tried to unravel the dark and underground world of some DAP Exco members to SPRM. And I also salute the effort of the unnamed blogger who set up a blog which revealed the documents which was in the posession of TBH. I hope TBH death will be justified. You can read the blog here.

It’s funny how DAP tried to turn TBH death into a new serial political drama. DAP accused SPRM of murdering TBH but it’s clearly a ridiculous and without-fact allegation. Will you kill the most important witness of a case if you’re a prosecutor?As far as my logical mind is concern, the allegation is absolutely absurd.

I will not write my speculation on TBH death, but my point of view is that his death will open a whole lot of dark activities and corruption inside DAP. Truth will prevail at the end of the day.

I would also like to congratulate Selangor people,especially those who voted for Pakatan Rosak in last year’s general election on the recent developments associated with the state government. State fund is almost exhausted, Baitulmal’s fund is next. Congratulations also on the incident when the state government harassed the single moms who lived in the PPR houses. You guys have done a splendid job!

Government’s KPI: Towards becoming a first class government

I think Malaysia is the one and only government in the world which has its own KPI. It is a brave effort by the government and has leapt Najib’s administration to a new level. These KPIs are the promises to the people and the government wants the people to judge its performance. Those who have their own KPI at their workplace will understand how hard it is to achieve KPI. I think it is a clear indication that the government wants the delivery of our public system to be at a top level. We’ll see how it goes.

PRK Permatang Pasir: A 50-50 battle

Again a PRK and again on a PAS homeground. Last month’s PRK in Manek Urai saw BN reduced the majority to only 65, a major accomplishments after several losses in previous PRKs. A friend of mine said that it is hard for BN to win because it is PAS strong homeground but to me that is where the challenge and the thrill will come.

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng told the press that PAS will have a hard time to win at this by election. He said the chance is 50-50. In Manek Urai BN aimed at reducing the majority but this time BN aimed at winning the by-election. They seems confident and optimist. But everyone must bear in mind that there are 75% of Malay voters and the rest are Chinese voters. If the Malay votes are equally parted, then PAS will have a better chance at winning because I don’t think that non-Malays will vote for BN (BN-37.5%, PAS 37.5%+25%). But if what happened in Manek Urai (the return of Malay votes to BN) occurs again in Permatang Pasir, getting at least 51% of the Malay votes is not impossible (hence a win). Can’t wait for the campaign week to start.