Mubaligh Kristian ditahan di UPM?

15 07 2009

News portal Malaysiakini reported that 9  Christians were arrested in UPM on Tuesday suspected of propagating Christianity in several colleges inside the university. They were arrested in a student’s room at the Kolej ke -10 when they were preaching to several students. The 9 arrested were said to be 2 UPM students, 3 Malaysians and 4 Hong Kong citizens. The 9 propagators also had delivered brochures and few materials and preached from room to room in Kolej Sebelas and Kolej Pendeta Zaaba. The police report were made by 5 UPM students.

I know that this is not a new issue but as far as I am concern, Christian propagators were not that brave to enter an IPTA to preach and to try to convert students into Christianity before this without being seen. I wonder if this is the impact of PR (Perosak Rakyat) endorsing the use of Allah by Catholic church and their support towards a more liberal and more freedom of speech and expression country. I wonder if this is the effect of Irene Fernandez’s speech (supported and applaud by Anwar Al-Juburi at a Christmas celebration in 2007) saying that the Catholic Herald should be given rights to publish their articles and newsletters in Bahasa Malaysia. I wonder if this is the impact of endorsing IFC (Inter Faith Comission) by PR, a commission that will put Islam at the same level as other religion in this country.

The big question is do us as Muslims approved this? Yes. Some of us who gave their votes to PR which make the Malay (which means Muslims) votes broken into three during the last general election approved this. Those who supported PR will say ‘during the BN administration there were many Muslims converted to Christianity’. Yes, but the government does not approve such action, tried hard to block any propagating activities and it is also against the law to convert a Muslim into other faith. PR rather than stopping, they endorsed and supported the move and further worst, it is driven by political reason.

I hope PAS leaders will go to the streets and protest the recent incident in UPM. But i doubt they will. Their fight for Islam is lead by DAP and PKR, which have Christians leaders andalso a munafiq Muslim leader, Anwar Al-Juburi (nickname given by Mat Sabu) who supported the use of Allah by Catholic church and most of all the missioonary agent of Washington DC.




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