Malaysia XI vs MU

19 07 2009

A stunning defeat. Great goals by Amri Yahya really made the Malaysian team look different last night. They potrayed that they were not a team that can easily be defeated by a large score. Mostly made up by under 23 players, the youngsters showed that they can play against a five star team.

It must be the most special day in his life (I think his wedding day is down to second now..) when he defeated the Champions League and World Cup finalist,  Edwin Van der Sar with that great lob goal. He really made Van der Sar looked like a second division goalkeeper. And he also put a gloom start of a new season to the second goalkeeper, Ben Foster. Good job Amri and company, keep it up for the next match tomorrow evening. Not to forget to Rajagobal, you’re the man! Malaysia Boleh!

p/s: Malaysia 2 MU 3


Mubaligh Kristian ditahan di UPM?

15 07 2009

News portal Malaysiakini reported that 9  Christians were arrested in UPM on Tuesday suspected of propagating Christianity in several colleges inside the university. They were arrested in a student’s room at the Kolej ke -10 when they were preaching to several students. The 9 arrested were said to be 2 UPM students, 3 Malaysians and 4 Hong Kong citizens. The 9 propagators also had delivered brochures and few materials and preached from room to room in Kolej Sebelas and Kolej Pendeta Zaaba. The police report were made by 5 UPM students.

I know that this is not a new issue but as far as I am concern, Christian propagators were not that brave to enter an IPTA to preach and to try to convert students into Christianity before this without being seen. I wonder if this is the impact of PR (Perosak Rakyat) endorsing the use of Allah by Catholic church and their support towards a more liberal and more freedom of speech and expression country. I wonder if this is the effect of Irene Fernandez’s speech (supported and applaud by Anwar Al-Juburi at a Christmas celebration in 2007) saying that the Catholic Herald should be given rights to publish their articles and newsletters in Bahasa Malaysia. I wonder if this is the impact of endorsing IFC (Inter Faith Comission) by PR, a commission that will put Islam at the same level as other religion in this country.

The big question is do us as Muslims approved this? Yes. Some of us who gave their votes to PR which make the Malay (which means Muslims) votes broken into three during the last general election approved this. Those who supported PR will say ‘during the BN administration there were many Muslims converted to Christianity’. Yes, but the government does not approve such action, tried hard to block any propagating activities and it is also against the law to convert a Muslim into other faith. PR rather than stopping, they endorsed and supported the move and further worst, it is driven by political reason.

I hope PAS leaders will go to the streets and protest the recent incident in UPM. But i doubt they will. Their fight for Islam is lead by DAP and PKR, which have Christians leaders andalso a munafiq Muslim leader, Anwar Al-Juburi (nickname given by Mat Sabu) who supported the use of Allah by Catholic church and most of all the missioonary agent of Washington DC.


15 07 2009

Now I admit that updating blog is not as easy as it seems to be. Nevertheless here are some of my opinions and updates from latest issues especially on the political atmosphere in Malaysia:

PR(Perosak Rakyat) Selangor is in deep trouble?

PR Selangor is in deep problem because of the behavior and the ‘dark’ activity of its YBs. Most controversial is the involvement of YB Ronnie Liew (Pandamaran) in gangster activities in Selangor. He has been the godfather of a few gangster clans in the state. During the previous government administration, the MB made a very big and brave effort to lessen and eliminate these gangsters’ businesses namely illegal ‘rumah urut’ and illegal cyber centers and also other undrground businesses. But after over a year of PR admin, these illegal activities are back again and this time at a faster rate. Even Shah Alam now have massage parlours. It is believed that Ronnie Liew is the one who gave up hundreds of licenses to these gangsters. In an incident November last year,Ronnie was arrested but released after 4 hours of police investigation when he tried to disturb MPSJ’s raid on a hotel which was a nest of prostitution activity.

This is the reason why Azmin Ali wanted Khalid Ibrahim to reshuffle the EXCO line up but was called by Teresa Kok as ‘shit stirrer’. This is worsen by the protest of AMK Ampang recently during Anwar Al-Juburi speech in Ampang. The protest was to express their unhappiness about the selection of PBT council which is not like they preferred and most of all rejected the name endorsed by AMK Ampang. Clearly PR Selangor administration is not giving a good impression to the rakyat. How can they admin a state when they can’t manage themselves?

Khalid Ibrahim nak gunakan wang Baitulmal Selangor?

Ini bukan cerita baru. Sejak PR mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan Selangor tahun lepas, ada desas desus mengatakan bahawa kerajaan negeri mahu ‘mencedok’ wang Baitulmal tetapi mungkin pada masa itu adalah idea pemimpin DAP yang berharap mereka boleh mengambil wang zakat untuk kepentingan diri mereka. Baru-baru ini berita mengenai wang Baitulmal ini kecoh lagi. Khalid Ibrahim mahu menggunakan wang Baitulmal bagi menampung projek-projek pembangunan di Selangor. Kerana apa? Kerana kerajaan Selangor sekarang ini sudah kehausan dana. Semasa megambil alih pemerintahan kerajaan Selangor tahun lepas, kerajaan negeri mempunyai Rm1 billion lebih dana. Namun ke mana dana ini pergi dan lebih penting lagi tidak adakah usaha untuk mengembangkan dana tersebut? Ini diburukkan lagi dengan keadaan ekonomi yang tidak menentu sekarang ini.Setahu saya, wang zakat hanya boleh diagihkan kepada asnaf yang lapan dan terang-terang bahawa pembangunan untuk infrastruktur negeri tidak termasuk dalam asnaf yang lapan.

Kerajaan negeri sebenarnya sudah buntu memikirkan keadaan kewangan negeri yang semakin susut. MB yang sebelum ini merupakan tokoh korporat seharusnya lebih mengetahui bagaimana untuk meningkatkan pendapatan kerajaan negeri. Kerajaan negeri lebih menumpukan pelaburan daripada China dan Taiwan dan mengabaikan pelaburan dari tempat lain seperti Eropah. Mereka takut untuk ke luar negara kerana bimbang di cop menghabiskan duit rakyat.

Lagi satu masalah kerajaan negeri adalah budaya menganggar atau ‘estimate’ pendapatan daripada satu-satu projek. Contohnya mereka mengaggarkan memperoleh RM150-200 juta setahun hasil daripada penjualan pasir. Namun seperti dimaklumkan di Dewan Negeri, hasil pasir setakat ini hanyalah RM22 juta. Maka sebagai jalan mudah mereka mahu menggunakan wang zakat. Apa akan jadi kepada penerima zakat jika kerajaan negeri menggunakan wang zakat?

PRK Manek Urai

A sweet loss to BN in Manek Urai. That’s the best words to describe BN loss in Manek Urai yesterday. BN had successfully narrowed the majority to 65, an increase of 1287 votes from PRU 12 March last year. PAS, which is the wining party said that thay will do a post-mortem. Usually only the losing party will do such a post mortem. PAS said that young voters in Manek Urai contributed to the fall in majority.  I think the young voters really wanted a change in Manek Urai. This is another manifestation that majority of voters are voting BN again.