19 05 2009

1. The Spring semester that just ended was really a busy and hectic sem. I couldn’t make a bit of time to write for this blog. Basically I could write anything that I want but I couldn’t find any idea to write despite  recent scenarios both in Malaysia as well as outside of Malaysia. But here I am writing again, and I got the whole summer to write. So, no excuse.

2. Comments on BN not contesting in PRK Penanti:

     What I can say is that it’s a very difficult decision to make whether to contest or not IF BN doesn’t have enough information to what the game the opposition is playing and IF BN doesn’t understand the strategy of the opposition party; in particular the strategy of Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim. The decision for not contesting means that BN got all the infos they needed and act based on the infos. Can’t wait to see the environment and the issues that will be played in Penanti during the 1-week campaign period without BN as a ‘punching bag’. BN has put an anticlimax end to the ‘by-elections’ game. Wonder if there will be more by elections after this.

3.  Anifah Aman pissed Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

     Datuk Anifah Aman on his visit to Wasington DC last week told the journalists,in front of Hillary Clinton that Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim enticed him on jumping to Pakatan Rakyat by offering the Deputy PM post. He definitely put a scar on Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim’s image to the new Washington’s administration. Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim in his effort to win over Obama like he won over Bush, denied Anifah’s statement by threatening to sue him. Hillary also seemed to be very pleased with Anifah. Way to go Anifah! We salute you!

 4. Dow Jones Industrial Index went up more than 200 points today as perhaps signs for some hope for economic recovery emerged when the housing retailer, Lowe’s topped its average per-share earnings estimates. But analysts said that there isn’t a strong conviction from the market to keep the spring bull-run keeping its momentum. Gas price has increased constantly but slowly these past few weeks which can be a prelim sign of economic recovery (or it can also be a sign of speculation activity). Stocks around the world are waiting for the US economy to produce some lights. Bright lights I mean, not emergency lights.




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